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At Advanced Planning Strategies, we specialize in assisting and implementing solutions for business owners, professional athletes, ultra high net-worth individuals and families to more prudently manage and plan the evolution and conversion of their business or family assets into generational wealth. Our Team provides a holistic approach, taking into consideration the ability to effectively shelter income at the corporate, family and individual level to reduce taxes on personal income and defer or eliminate tax on investments and creditor-proof assets.

Combining a rich history with years of estate and business planning experience, our team at Advanced Planning Strategies helps our clients preserve their legacies for years to come. Our well-developed and time-tested approach helps you clarify your legacy planning, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

The objectives and benefits of advanced planning are hard to dispute. Without question, there are many ways to legitimately capitalize on the tax code and legal system to protect and sometimes enhance personal wealth. Advanced planning offers an effective way to structure assets to discourage lawsuits and provide legal shelter from potential plaintiffs. Advanced planning is the skillful leveraging of legal, regulatory, and financial expertise to enhance and safeguard an individual’s or a family’s net worth.

At APS we focus on Wealth Enhancement, Estate Planning and Asset Protection Planning. We can assist you and your team of advisers to reduce Estate and Business taxes, Create a Legacy and Keep Assets Safe. We are here to help create a clear path to your future by providing the guidance you need, always putting your vision first.

Where You Are

Where You Are

We create financial strategies tailored to your goals.

Where You Want To Be

Where You Want To Be

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through life's transitions.

How You Get There

How You Get There

We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.

Independent Objectivity

As an independent financial consulting firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients rather than any particular company. Our independence is vital to delivering objective recommendations. As an independent financial consulting firm, we represent our clients and their interests rather than any specific company.

Through our individualized case development process, we listen and understand what’s important. With our nationwide Agency network, we’ve been down this path hundreds of times before, helping clients reach their retirement, estate and business planning goals and objectives.

What Makes Us Different

Team of specialists - Not one individual juggling all areas of planning.

Independence - We have the freedom to represent financial vehicles and services from all financial institutions, rather than being tied down to proprietary products.

Service - Because we are a team and have our own administrative staff, there is always someone available to answer your questions.

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