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About Us

Advanced Planning Strategies is a team of dedicated financial professionals providing personal financial planning, retirement planning and estate planning for individuals and families as well as advanced business planning for owners of small to medium sized businesses. We offer comprehensive financial planning services and provide the personal attention of a smaller firm along with the resources of a national organization. Our main office is in Los Angeles, CA and we maintain affiliated offices in Orange County and San Francisco to best serve our clients.

We work with our clients throughout all the financial stages of their lives, from income protection, to asset accumulation and management, to retirement planning and estate conservation. We take pride in the professionalism of our firm's partners, associates, and consultants. As part of an advisory team, we work hand-in-hand with your tax and legal to be sure that all of your financial components are running in sync.

APS uses a unique process in order to define and implement strategies to benefit our clients. We first take the time to fully understand our client's financial situations and discuss how our relationships can work to meet their expectations. We use a team-oriented approach so that each of our advisors focuses on a specific planning area. In this way, our clients can be assured they are receiving prudent advice for their particular needs. And since financial concerns change over time, we frequently review your plan to ensure the long-term integrity of the strategies we put in place.

Our Primary Purpose

Advanced planning entails leveraging the legal, tax, and regulatory systems to provide one or more of the following three often interconnected services:

  • Wealth enhancement is the process of using advanced planning strategies to mitigate taxes resulting in greater personal wealth creation. There are a wide variety of strategies that can be utilized to enhance wealth. The adept use of charitable trusts, for example, can be instrumental in enhancing wealth while also enabling the affluent to appreciably benefit others. For individuals with significant liquid assets, some of the most attractive strategies incorporate private placement life insurance or private placement variable annuities.

  • Estate planning is the process of legally structuring the future disposition of current and projected assets. Basic estate planning employing such strategies and financial products as credit-shelter trusts and traditional life insurance is fairly straightforward and sufficient for many of the affluent. For people with more complicated scenarios, there are a plethora of more sophisticated strategies including self-canceling installment notes, granter retained annuity trusts, and remainder purchase marital trusts.
  • Asset protection planning is the process of employing risk management products and advanced planning strategies to ensure an individual’s or a family’s wealth is not unjustly taken. Moving beyond the astute use of property and liability insurance, some of the strategies are quite rudimentary and predicated on dissociation. More sophisticated approaches to asset protection planning incorporate transformation strategies. The use of captive insurance companies is also very effective in the right situations.

These three sets of services interlock thematically and are important to varying degrees depending on specific situations.

They work in tandem in the hands of a capable advanced planner.

If you think our services could benefit you and your family or business, we would be delighted to meet with you. We look forward to learning about you and sharing more about the advanced techniques we can offer. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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