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High Net Worth Individuals and Families

We work with a group of highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and families, who expect success across all facets of their life — business, new ventures, strong families and as community leaders

Successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and families...… expect success across all facets of their life. Whether it is business planning, new ventures, strong families or as community leaders.

Financial excellence supports this success. With APS, you get a caring, collaborative and expert service to ensure you get the best out of life.

When it comes to investments and wealth management, you know that your requirements are particularly high. Your needs as a wealthy individual go far beyond standard products and solutions.

Whether you require complex wealth management and investment advice, or expertise in the areas of corporate finance and investment banking, we have the capabilities and reach to provide you with optimum support. Together we will develop the customized solutions to suit your requirements.

Tax and Wealth Transfer Strategies

Grow and preserve your wealth, provide for your family, and support the causes that are important to you.

Having a vision for your wealth that includes a strategic plan can maximize and protect your assets from unexpected health, personal, and business risks. A strong plan proactively addresses potential tax impacts, considers the specifics of your portfolio and situation, and reflects your family’s dynamics and priorities.

Wealth Transfer Planning Under the New Tax Law

Our tax and wealth planning experts help you build flexible, efficient, long-term plans that optimize wealth transfer strategies and minimize taxes. They use data and tools to guide decisions on what to give, when and to whom, so you can capitalize on opportunities, achieve your lifetime goals and have a lasting impact for years—and generations—to come.

Why Choose Advanced Planning Strategies

Are you looking for reliable, sound advice to help you manage your wealth? Would you prefer a partner who truly understands your needs and those of your family, and who you can count on over the long term? Do you appreciate having a personal point of contact for all your wealth management requirements?

We work closely with you and our experienced wealth consultants to deliver comprehensive financial advice in the following areas:
Financial Planning
Tax Consulting
Succession planning
Estate Planning and Implementing the Division of an Estate
Company Succession Planning
Philanthropy and Sustainable Investment

We can help you integrate personal values as well as social and professional objectives into the management of your wealth. Whether you want to engage in philanthropy, or combine financial as well as social and professional aspects in your planning, we offer a broad range of tailored and innovative solutions to help you find the best strategy to meet your goals. Our specialists can help you develop and implement a plan that takes all relevant factors into account and ensures that your wishes are carried out to the letter.

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