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Valerie Dufix

Valerie Dufix

Founder Diamant Carré Capital Group Commercial Loan Agency

Our history began in 2015. Valerie Dufix (the founder of Diamant Carré) believed that there had to be a better way to lend, than the few options her large bank gave her.

With experience as a Business Lending Manager at Wells Fargo and in Paris, at BNP Paribas, Valerie Dufix started Diamant Carré Capital Group. Now there is a better way to address client’s needs. Diamant Carré aggregates specialized loan offerings to our clients, under one roof.

We have expanded on Valerie’s vision of a scalable “high-touch” model that she had developed at Wells Fargo and BNP Paribas. Valerie further developed her own systems and processes, which we now utilize to anticipate a client’s lending needs. Today, we regularly approach clients not only with capital access but also bring ideas to consider (a significant part of the “high-touch” model).

Valerie knew that clients preferred her to find those lenders who desire to loan you money and offer reasonable terms. Clients didn’t want to fill out 10 to 20 applications, plus have delays for each decision.  While she kept the fees at industry levels, she made them completely transparent. Her idea was to allow executives to compare them to the time they saved and the better terms she produced.

Additionally, executives and owners preferred to have better control over who saw their financial data. They also appreciated her ability to anticipate their needs.

✔ We facilitate and streamline the process of ACCESSING CAPITAL for Commercial Real estate – Working Capital & Heavy Equipment.
✔We have the KNOW-HOW, long-term RELATIONSHIPS with 100+Lenders and TRACK RECORD to successfully fund companies.
✔We have over 60 YEARS combined experience and, we SECURE the right financial solutions for you and your business.

The Diamant Carré Value

There are diamonds, and there are square-cut diamonds (Diamant Carré in french).

This cut uses more of the diamond and has more brilliance than other cuts. The perfect symbol for our company.  We turn your focus into flawless.

We’ve learned that making just the right decisions, and cut, is critical. We help you select just the right funding source. With our expert guidance, your choice will be decisive and clear. From 189 different funding options, you can identify the best rate and terms with one call. Like a diamond to the cutter, each business arrives with a different shape, size, and need. We are brilliant at finding an offering to fit your unique needs.